R&D and Design Centers

R&D Center is a unit of technology companies that are located in Turkey and organized as a separate unit within the organizational structure, exclusively in R&D and innovative activities at least thirty full-time equivalent R&D personnel employed with sufficient experience and capabilities. Also in some technology field this required is limited to at least fifteen full-time equivalent R&D personnel. As of 2001, over 300 enterprise were found eligible to establish R&D Center under this Law.

Minimum required conditions for establishment of a R & D Center.

The following minimum conditions are required for an application to receive an R&D Center certification:

  • Employment of at least 30 full-time equivalent R&D personnel (in some sectors at least 15)
  • Implementation of R&D activities in Turkey
  • Enterprise should have R&D management capability and capacity regarding to technological assets, R&D human resources, intellectual property, project and information resources.
  • Enterprise should have facilities which physically control the working time of R&D and support staff in R&D Center.
  • Enterprise should have R&D and innovation programs and projects with the issue, time, budget and personnel needs being defined.

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R&D and Design Centers in Turkey