• Tech-Net is a web service where technology entrepreneurs supported by the government as well as the technology companies from Turkish technoparks can introduce themselves and their projects to the global partners of the R&D and Innovation ecosystem.
• In other words, Tech-Net is a virtual community for companies in technoparks and technology entrepreneurs who are supported by the government. Tech-Net is a linking and meeting point between angel investors, entrepreneurs and mentors from all over the world.
• It is a service of increasing the effectiveness of the “Direct Invest Capital” introduced within the R&D Reform Package

R&D Supports

In Turkey, there are state supports at certain stages in order to minimize resource constraints in direction of strengthening economic development, social improvement and competitiveness. Supports which are important contributions to R&D and innovation ecosystem of Turkey are explained as a whole.

Individual Capital Infusion

More than four hundred angel investors licensed by the Undersecretariat of Treasury provide capital support to entrepreneurs and contribute to our country's R & D and innovation ecosystem.


• Technology entrepreneurs supported by the Turkish government.
• Companies from Turkish technoparks.
• Angel investors and venture capitalists from Turkey.
• Technoparks in Turkey.
• Partners of R&D and Innovation ecosystem all over the world.


• About 2000 technology entrepreneurs supported by the Turkish government.
• 65 technoparks from Turkey.
• Over 300 R&D and Design Centers
• About 4400 companies in Turkish technoparks.
• About 400 angel investors who are accredited by the government
• 13 angel investor networks and over 1000 angel investors who are member of these networks as well as the most important venture capital foundations.


• Contains specific and up-to-date details of companies (promotional videos, projects, capabilities, keywords etc.).
• Providing information about company/entrepreneur project summaries.
• Counselling and guiding entrepreneurs and companies on finding and raising funds.
• Contains lists regarding the most important angel investors and venture capital networks from Turkey.
• Updating the website contents daily and publishing announcements relevant to R&D and Innovation ecosystem such as symposiums, congresses, demo-days, conferences, etc.
• Enables specific searching and filtering options such as the searching and filtering of companies as per their technological fields and locations as well as other specific information related to entrepreneurs, angel investors, technoparks and technology transfer offices.
• Enabling the interaction of companies and other partners within the system.
• The demo version of Tech-Net is already available whereas the final version will be in service as of January 2017.


• Ensuring that technology entrepreneurs supported by the Turkish government and companies from Turkish technoparks introduce themselves and their projects.
• Enabling the access of local and global venture capitalists and angel investors to all the companies and start-ups from Turkey.
• Ensuring that technology companies from Turkish technoparks and technology entrepreneurs, who are supported by the government, keep in touch and communicate with each other especially companies working in similar technological fields.
• With its multi-lingual option; Tech-Net contributes to the international recognition of all the technology companies in technoparks and also the government supported entrepreneurs.

Techno-Entrepreneur Firm
Design / R&D Center
Technopark Company


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